Mossen en mensen samen in moswanden

Mos wall

Moss walls, a beautiful and natural image

Oasegroen is the Dutch trend starter in indoor plant displays, which shows in our successful introduction of moss walls. Our moss walls are sold under the Mr. Moss brand. We have been looking for an original, maintenance-free, green way to decorate any indoor space. Moss was the answer.

Moss and people working together in moss walls

There are many different kinds of moss, they can be found almost anywhere and grow in all seasons. Moss is an important part of ecosystems. They produce oxygen, fight erosion and live well with other plants. People have been using moss as fuel, carpeting, mattress fillings and isolation material for centuries. In this sense, Mr. Moss’ moss walls are a great continuation of this long-term relationship between moss and people.

Green innovation

Moss walls scream green innovation. That is why we are happy to be recognised with a certificate from the NL Greenlabel voor Duurzaamheid (Label for sustainability). This label looks at standards of material, what they are made of, their origin, transportation, CO2 emission and recyclability. Mr. Moss only uses natural materials for the moss walls. We care a lot about sustainability, ecology and closed recycling. That is why the panels of our moss walls are made of ecological plate material that can be fully broken down organically and is fully recyclable.

Striking, warm and beautiful

Mr. Moss has already delivered many moss walls to satisfied customers. They are always striking, warm and particularly beautiful parts of an interior. Besides offering beauty, clients also use moss walls as statements. Moss walls are a sign of their commitment to sustainability and other green values. If you are interested in our moss walls, please contact Mr. Moss or Oasegroen. We would love to discuss and show you your different options in moss walls.

Make your green statement now, with beautiful moss walls by Oasegroen